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To import and authenticate TYPO3 users from an LDAP directory,I wrote the TYPO3 extension "ldap". Versions 3.x are compatible with TYPO3 Version 6 to 11 LTS. 

Get extionsion ldap 3.x

New Code Base

Version 3.x is a complete rewrite based on "Extbase" und "Fluid" and is compatible with PHP 7.


TYPO3 Scheduler

TYPO3 scheduler helps to automate recurring tasks like deactivating users which have been deleted from the LDAP directory.


Proven Features

Since roughly five years ldap 3.x is used by European companies, universities and public organisations.


Powerful Backend

The new backend module enables import and update of users, provides testing functionality and offers diagnostic information.


Easy Configuration

LDAP servers and configurations are stored in a standard text file, simplifying versioning and staging.


Robust Solution

Even large numbers of users are imported reliably. Thanks to the integration of the "Developer Log" extension, configuration problems can be analyzed easily.


In the past I received many requests for features, support, etc. but only a very small number of companies were willing to contribute code or mones to the extension's development. Therefore I will provide version 3.x only to companies which contribute financially (aka. "pay").